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Why hire a professional stager - can't I just do it myself?
    Great question- why should you pay someone? Many people believe that if they clean and declutter, that's all that needs to be done. However, it's hard to be objective in your own home - you've lived with it for so long that it's difficult to see what you actually have. Staging is much more than just cleaning and de-cluttering - it's optimizing the look of your home to buyers. 

    Every home is different and has it's own special qualities.  Furniture placement, artwork and accessory display in a room should be done to maximize square footage (after all, that is what you are selling!).  Accomplishing this is not just taking out a few things or putting in miniature furniture/artwork/accessories.  Buyers are savvy enough to know if you are doing this - chances are good they professionally staged the home they sold to buy yours.  You are selling your home, not your "stuff" (in most cases anyway). Buyers want to know if your home is right for them.
    Professional stagers know how to arrange properly scaled furniture/artwork/accessories to make buyers' eyes travel across a room to appreciate what it has to offer, but also dwell where you want them to notice the architectural details they should value.  Other details are important too - for example, buyers notice how crowded the pantry, cabinets, and closets are.  Staging the "details"  can make all the difference in your home's presentation.  We know how to make a buyer feel like they could live there.  Most home sellers don't have this ability.  It's amazing what professional staging can do to accomplish these to give your home a competitive advantage.       
    It's difficult sometimes for sellers to justify spending money on staging - after all you are trying to make money selling your home, not trying to take away from the bottom line.  But the bottom line is not easy to define when just a small investment in staging could result in a higher asking price and/or selling your home faster.  Homes staged professionally look much better in print and internet  advertising - a key to selling your home.  By not staging you could unknowingly be leaving money on the table or delaying the sale of your home. 

    Your home needs to be "the best that it can be" !  Star Staging knows how to stage a home to make it stand out in the marketplace.   Whether you need a consultation to outline what needs to be done and you can follow through on the plan, or you need more assistance to complete the staging, we can help! 
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