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Staging "Q" Tips
Six Secrets to Staging

Make your home Q-Tip CleanClean everything,
windows, floors, walls, ceilings (and fans), sinks, counters,  cabinets, appliances, etc.... It's a long list, but worth it because removing dirt, dust, and other build up will eliminate every day odors that we don't even notice but buyers will! 
De-clutter each and every room, the garage, even the yard.   Edit toys, books, magazines, and declutter countertops, closets, etc.  Think of it as pre-packing, it's going to have to be done anyway!  Keep out what you only really need. 
De-personalize each room.  Buyers need to envision themselves living in the home.  Personal photos, religious items, and memorabilia make it difficult to do this.  Collections can draw their attention away from looking at the important features of your home!
Neutral is the word!  Of course everything doesn't have to be beige, try to keep it neutral but not sterile.  Boring is not the goal.  Bright, patterned, or saturated colors are best kept to accessories and artwork. Use colors that are inviting to buyers, and wow them with your home!
Shop your closets - you never know what you might find.  Maybe you have things that could be used as accessories or could be re-purposed in another way. Sometimes we just forget what we have - you could save yourself some $ !

Stay committed - it may be a challenge (and a lot of elbow grease) to get it there and keep it looking the way it did for your first showing or an open house, but it's worth it when you sell!  You may even like your home staged so much that you use some of the principles living in your next home!
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